Team FitCamps Retreats: Sunny, Lydia, Zoe and Naomi

Team FitCamps Retreats: Sunny, Lydia, Zoe and Naomi

International fitness presenters and concept creators Lydia Campbell, Naomi Di Fabio, Zoe McNulty and Sunny Singh have joined together to bring you FitCamps Retreats - the 'Rebalance your Body' holidays!

We're all about the positive vibes and creating an inclusive environment where all bodies are welcome.

We run FitCamps Spa Retreat at the beautiful Champneys Forest Mere resort, and FitCamps Sun Retreat at the world class sporting resort Club La Santa in Lanzarote.

Lydia Campbell, director of FitCamps and a legend of the fitness industry had a vision to create FitCamps Sun Retreat for anyone wanting to spend more time with the FitCamps team, taking the intimate retreat team from Champneys to Club La Santa in the summer of 2018.

FitCamps Retreats attract all body shapes and size, ages and abilities. It's not about 6-packs and spiritual arrogance. It's about inclusive, positive fitness for everyone. 

As a team we practise what we preach: our lives are all about balance. We're not fitness fanatics and we don't spend everyday in the gym! We do what we love and what feels good for our bodies. And that includes drinking a whole lot of Prosecco and eating delicious food!

Laughter is one of the best stress relievers. If you come away with us to FitCamps Spa Retreat or FitCamps Sun Retreat you are guaranteed to be laughing your way through your holiday!

So join us for our next getaway where all bodies are welcome!